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Set in the world of VasDahiv, monsters lurk around the city of Ruby Harbor. Do you dare to watch this anthology series? The VHS Box series brings horror not only to your home but also to the residents of VasDahiv. This is the same series mentioned in the novels Twisted Tales and VasDahiv Uncharted.


2024 | Thriller | 1 Season

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Season 1

Release date 2024

"VHS Box" features spine-chilling episodes inspired by novelist and producer Samer Dadgar, masterfully adapting his suspenseful horror tales.

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Zacharia's online date turns into a nightmare when the girl transforms into a monstrous spider. His story is met with disbelief, leaving him haunted and desperate to warn others.

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The protagonist inherits their childhood home in Ruby Harbor and discovers a skeleton entwined with their mother's plant, revealing dark family secrets. Haunted by this past, they leave the house behind.

Witching Hour copy.jpg

Hamed, a night-shift worker, befriends a mysterious woman, Shabnam. She blinds him in a bizarre encounter and vanishes. The police find no trace of her, leaving Hamed haunted by the mystery.


Arad and his skeptical father encounter Milad, a hermit, in werewolf territory. A werewolf attack reveals Milad's twin brother, teaching Arad about family and changing his father's skepticism.

WonderLand4 (2).jpg

Bella and Karim's Mount Qaf trip turns terrifying as they confront deadly challenges orchestrated by a mysterious entity, fighting for survival.

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Pasha meets Mehran, the God of Love, at Elysin Hamam. After his friend Corto is drained by Mehran, Pasha is warned about betrayal's consequences.

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Scary things happens at night at Room number 12

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Detective Pari Amiri investigates disappearances in Ruby Harbor, unaware the culprit is Dr. Farzad, who turns victims into art. She becomes his target, ending up as part of his collection.

bandari woman (2).jpg

Zafar interviews author Sammer about his acclaimed VHS Box series, where Sammer reads his new story "Bandari Women."


The bandari women is still haunting people in Ruby Harbor

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Cast & crew

Younes Hommasi
Zahra Vakili
Amirali Hommasi
Ali Nakhaei
Bahareh Mousavian
Aku Amiri
Gelareh Abbasi
Mohammad Rastgar Moqadam



Horror | Thriller

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