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Twisted Tales

Greetings and welcome to VasDahiv!

Venture into the mystical world of VasDahiv, where mythic creatures from the Middle East dwell in the shadows, waiting to be discovered.

Follow Arta on his expedition to uncover the truth about his identity and delve into the historical background of this fantastical realm.

What began as a novel has evolved into a comic, with plans to further expand into an animated series in the future!

In addition to VasDahiv, we offer Twisted Tales, based on our very first project, To The Sky, with a mature audience in mind.

Come and explore the fantastical world of VasDahiv with us!

Pages of Book

1-The Novel

A novel about Arta's inner and outer journey to know himself.

written by Younes Hommasi the founder of Paradoxmation Studio

2-The Comic

page by page turned into frame by frame.

artistically drawn by Zahra Vakili


3-the Animated Series

the animated series will be a faithful adaptation of both the comic and the novel by Paradoxmation studio.

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