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Join Vandad and his friends on an epic quest to mend the ancient seal and thwart the demon king Ashmogh.

"VasDahiv Uncharted" is an animated journey through a world steeped in mystery and magic.

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Watch Now!

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17 July . 2024

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 Follow Vandad, Ava, and Adrian as they traverse the enchanted landscapes of VasDahiv, from dark forests to bustling cities, each episode bringing them face to face with mythical creatures and ancient secrets.

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Join Our Dynamic Trio!

Follow our heroes as they form new bonds and encounter familiar characters from classic tales, reimagined in an enthralling new context.

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Explore Middle Eastern Magic!

Embark on a captivating journey through the mystical world of VasDahiv. Discover the wonders of Mount Qaf, the secrets of Shomalgan Sea, and the enchanting Siren Lagoon.

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Meet Legendary Creatures!

Travel across VasDahiv and encounter unique beings from Persian and Middle Eastern folklore. From djinns to demons, meet entities like Dawal Pa, Melmedas, and others as you've never seen them before.

We are a group of rebels, adventurers, and storytellers. Grew up mesmerized by iconic animations and anime— from "One Piece" and "Batman: The Animated Series" to "Dragon Ball Z" and "Night Hood." Inspired by these global tales, we felt a compelling urge to craft our own narrative. However, ours draws from the rich well of Persian and middle eastern legends and epics—stories that have remained in the shadows, untouched by Hollywood's spotlight.

"VasDahiv Uncharted" is created by fans, for fans. We understand the magic of a great story, and we're committed to bringing that magic to life. We know what works, and we're dedicated to making it work for you.

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